Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Postcards from the garden

I'm really a haphazard gardener. I don't put in enough time or effort to make it look really nice. I use to think I was a plant killer until someone gave me a pothos as a house-warming present and The Plant That Would Not Die is still alive and has a few dozen clones around (the beauty of pothoses (pothii?) are that you are supposed to ignore them. I water mine maybe once a week. It hates more than that, despite that if you cut off a branch and leave it in water it'll grow roots. Go figure). Then I found that peas and mint are pretty much a given, as long as you water them, and the rest, well, if it survives, great. If not, I'm usually not heartbroken.

Anyway. Really I need to get a nice picture of the black and blue sage because it's a knockout, grows and blooms all summer, and a perennial to boot (oh, and dang, they drew HUMMINGBIRDS the other day!). But work is killing off what little brain I have right now and so I'm going to cheat and use pictures from the last few months.

These tomatoes are breaking my heart. They are Green Zebras and I have a whole plant full of heavy huge juicy... unripe tomatoes. They've been unripe for about a month now and I don't hold out much hope for them, now that it's September. They get less and less sun every day. sigh, teach me to plant tomatoes somewhere that doesn't get a full 8 hours of direct sun every day. I could use the excuse it's been a bad tomato year here; despite the heat wave in July it really wasn't that warm a summer. But I'd be eating green zebras now if I had put them in a better place. Maybe.

Baby heartbreaker tomato

Pink tiger flowers. These come up in the backyard every year, no thanks to me. They were here when I got here. Very pretty, though.

New daylily plants I bought bare-root in May (April?) I'm pleased they actually bloomed this year. And because I like red.

Frances says: surely you could find some tuna about your person?

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