Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Remember that domesticity thing?

Kurt helped me can 7 pints of peaches tonight. I am now tiredly listening to the seals pop close. It's really entertaining. Did I mention I was tired?

(I know, 7 pints, not so many. If I was going to all that work, I should have made a bunch more, right? Except I can barely get through that many in one winter. I do pint jars because it takes me a couple weeks to go through one and that's about as long as they last. Also I only bought one box because I am insane and thought I would need more for the cobbler and fresh eating but no, I got through about 5 of 15 GINORMOUS peaches. If I really lose my mind this weekend maybe I'll buy a box of the Hales)

In other news, this is Harley:
Harley is the neighbor's new cat and he is very friendly and also dumb as rocks. He also likes to hang out in our yard. A lot. Frances is not okay with this development. Harley still hasn't picked up on that yet, as he still comes and hangs around until Frances the 3 legged wonder cat chases him out.

Full disclosure:
Well, I didn't get to the curtains. I need to dye the fabric yet because the piece I was thinking about is, I think, just not quite long enough.

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