Friday, October 02, 2009

Bah, sick

I've had a cold since Tuesday, early morning. I know exactly who I got it from too, I am looking at YOU, hacking, coughing, sneezing lady sitting directly behind me at the book signing at Knit/Purl on Monday night. So as a public request, I ask you please: people, if you are sick, STAY HOME, unless you really have to go out. The cold's now moved down to my lungs and it's so much fun coughing until my head and chest hurt. The Love Monkey picked it up today and I am force-feeding him zinc because hoo boy was I out of it for a couple days, just sleeping and staring at walls. I finally started getting a sense of smell back yesterday (and, by extension, was able to taste more than sweet/sour/salty/bitter).

I checked out a book of short stories by Connie Willis from the library a couple weeks ago and am very grateful I did - they're just about my attention span at this point and I find I enjoy her writing. This is only the second thing I've read from her. The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories. It's a pretty thick hardback from the library, but it's larger text so I'm already 3/4 done. Then again, there has been the few days of afore-mentioned wall-staring.

Last week I ripped through The Gone-Away World, by Nick Harkaway. It was a bit rough getting used to the cadence of his writing (maybe because he's British?), but after 50 pages I wanted to find out what happened and after 100 I was fairly well hooked. And then it proceeded to break my heart. The main theme resonated a bit too close to my own opinions on the subject. Plus, you know, it has ninjas. And secret weapons, mimes, and true love gone astray. I sound like the beginning of the Princess Bride.

Tomorrow: adventures in dyeing roving. A.k.a. what not to felt.

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