Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Navel-gazing for fun and profitlessness

I know, I promised dyeing, but I didn't feel well enough to don a face mask and mix up solutions on Saturday (coughing & dust mask do not mix well), and Sunday I got carried away mixing up stock solutions and um, didn't get to the dyeing part until late?

I was reading through Fillyjonk's ideas for a new sweater (set aside the momentary fact that I have yet to complete an adult sweater, ok?) and something clicked in my head that I've been mulling over for years. Maybe I can articulate it now. It's kind of a theory of acquisition. Let's use clothing as an example. I'm drawn to certain patterns, colors, drapes - that I probably wouldn't ever wear. Willet is an example. I agree with Fillyjonk, it is very cute and sweet. But then I've learned to examine my thoughts and come to the conclusion that I'd be trying to purchase being the kind of person who would wear that. It would look all wrong on me.

I suppose you could say it didn't fit my personal style or blah blah whatever but do I even HAVE a personal style? Lately, I pretty much wear whatever I can get my hands on that fits me well, which is pretty scarce these days. I do a lot of nicer t-shirts. I'm not sure I really want to be doing a lot of nicer t-shirts but I suppose it's comfortable if nothing else.

But if I bought/made this thing, would I change to be someone who would wear it?

All of this is entangled in weight issues too, since I would look MUCH different in many of the clothes I see than the model in the picture does, and also there is the back of my mind trying to purchase her SHAPE and not just her clothes blah blah blah. But things that they tell me are designed to look good on big people so often just repel me. I have never learned to love the wrap sweater, and frankly, I've seen very few pictures of people I think look good in one.

So. I very rarely buy pattern booklets or magazines or books of patterns because usually 97% of most patterns 1) don't look like something I would wear, or 2) would look like crap on big ol' me (this isn't hyperbole. 3 out of every 100 commercial patterns is about my appeal rate)

Meh, I forget the point here. Something about transforming into the person who'd wear those clothes. Right now I'm only transforming into MC Phlegm (rockin' the bronchial tubes, yo yo!)

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