Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Saturday at the Farmer's Market

(warning: picture heavy)
I had to drop off the Love Monkey for an early thingy at PSU, and stopped at the downtown farmer's market. I got there before they even opened. It's a perfect, beautiful fall day today, crisp and clear (and cold in the morning).

I think I'd like a Fuji. No, a Honeycrisp! But what about those Galas?
I bought 2 Winter Bananas for making a crisp tonight. Or maybe apple cake. I am having trouble deciding.

Lot of independent cheese makers, especially this time of year as the produce winds down. This guy makes some fantastic French cheese with names I've never heard of.

The Chile Man Roasteth. I am SO HAPPY this guy is here. Otherwise I have to wait until I visit my parents in New Mexico to get my green chile fix. He's got the goods too: Sandia, Española, and Barker Hot, among all the usual poblanos and jalapenos. Oh, we are definitely having some this weekend. YUM

Pimientos de Padron & chestnuts. Yeah, I got some. It was completely impulsive, as I have NO IDEA how to cook chestnuts. None. Fortunately I admitted my ignorance to the seller and she gave me a run down on how to roast them.

Artichoke bloom

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