Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nothing, everything; wastes of time

I'm sorry I haven't been around, I just... nothing I've been doing seems all that interesting. I mowed the lawn (K the love monkey edged. I HATE edging. Note: we have a manual edger). I planted a lot. Weeded. Composted. Mulched. Hey, we've got little proto tayberries! yay! My neglect hasn't killed them yet. Peas are blooming and tiny pea pods have sprung out. Got some basil, some new thyme (got some thyme on my hands. heh) and new tarragon. Grilled stuff.

See, I'm all stream of consciousness lately and none of it's interesting. Oh, yes, Saturday night was FABULOUS, there's this great tiki bar on NE Broadway and about 28th and DAMN do they know how to make a good Mai Tai. It's within (long) staggering distance too so neither of us had to be designated driver.

A digression: have I mentioned my love of fruity drinks? RUM. YUM. Sadly very few places make good tiki cocktails. I have no bartending experience, none, but I make better drinks than every place I've ever had them, save this tiki bar (Thatch is the name) and Luau in Seattle, which changed ownership and I don't know if they're any good any more. I think the secret is fresh juice, and places upscale enough to use fresh juice don't serve things like mai tais.

Anyway, love Thatch, and especially because DAMN it's nice to see a real live Tiki bar done up right, bamboo, mood lighting, carved Pacific Island statues, appropriate music and all. And not some huge cavernous place aimed at tourists (although those locations can have a charming chic all their own, but too often they have substandard food and try to rely on their Disneyish looks alone. Hello Casa Bonita. I am looking at you! Love your waterfall, but the canned velveeta's got to go). K had a fun ol' hangover the next day but I must have the Liver of Steel because I felt fine.

Oh yes, went with coworkers to see Spiderman 3 the other day. I really don't want to comment, except that I love this commentary the very best of anything I've read about that movie (HAR MATEY! THERE BE SPOILERS AT THAT LINK!). Funky emo hair indeed.

I'm still terribly behind with email/whatever. You'd think 3 days at home would be enough to catch up. Look, at least I got off a birthday present for my Mom (June 1st. I got her the leaf lace shawl from Fibertrends. I haven't knitted it myself but I thought it was pretty and Fibertrends patterns have been good to me so far.) I have two damn repeats and an edging left on the silk stole despite knitting like mad all weekend (finished all of Death and the Dancing Footman and Nemesis). I stretched it out Saturday morning and it's 50 inches. Did another 8 inches this weekend. I want 70. Pfah. I need this to be done.

Thanks for all the comments, I do read them all and love you for them, and I so apoligize for not answering anything lately. See, I haven't even bothered to download any pictures lately. My head's just full of goo and I can't get it together. I'm not even sick so I don't have that excuse. It's just when I am home and I feel such wonderful relief at being able to sit quietly with a glass of lemonade and just stare at nothing or knit (nothing that requires any thought, just the stupid silk lace. I've memorized the pattern (I suppose that's a good sign, seeing as it's my own)), that I kind of give up on coping with everything and go with the lemonade. Reason #2395 for why I would make a terrible parent.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a meaningful Memorial Day. I better get back to work.

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