Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picture pages

Ha, you want pictures? I give pictures!

My new (not so new any more, actually) knitting/traveling bag, socks included for scale.
I'm not really a purse kind of person. They just seem to get in the way and I'm prone to leaving them places. On the other hand, it sucks to have bulging pockets when you're visiting places. This fits a sock-in-progress, book, camera, cellphone, sunglasses, and keys & wallet handily. It's also rugged, zippered, mostly impervious to rain, and has dragonflies on it. Love love love it.

The ferns are happy to see warmer temperatures.

Going home, waiting for the train. This is from more than a month ago and the blossoms are all gone now

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard are also glad it's Spring and they've started up the municipal fountains again.

I love the shapes of maple leaves (I suspect this is part of a greater star/sparkly thing fixation) This is a Japanese maple, a bit before twilight, on my walk home through downtown

Same tree, but closer. The leaves are always red, all through the spring and summer and fall

I work an hour a day on the pile o' lace. It never seems to look any bigger. I know this is a well documented effect but... BLEH. Plus it is by far the ugliest lace I've ever worked, when non-stretched. It just looks a pile of slippery chaos until I pin it out. Did I mention that the cat is fascinated by the silk thread? And managed to hook a claw into the stole last night and pull out a loop way near the bottom? It's OK, happy ending: it was only a single stitch and once I stopped hyperventilating I redistributed the pulled-out slack. I think I need a snood for my lace.

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