Tuesday, May 08, 2007

RSIs suck

I about gave myself a repetitive stress injury on Saturday by knitting for 6 hours, 4 of them consecutively (yeah, stupid, I know. I was on a ROLL though). Sunday my wrist was a sad little wrist, not actually hurting but oh so ready to release its vindictive wrath. I babied it, iced it on and off, and avoided the needles all day. Monday it was back to its chipper self, thank goodness.

I did manage to get a big swatch of silk beaded lace done, although sadly I need more more more. I really like this beading, it's seductively fun, despite the interruption in the knitting rhythm. And OOH SHINY BEADS (you can tell I didn't go for matte, did I? You can tell I'm sort of a satin hi-gloss kind of person? Funny how that doesn't extend at all to my warddrobe, except that I like red and orange.) It's nice, it feel less like a folly and more real as it gets bigger. The weight feels like nothing (I've used maybe 1/4 the 100g skein). 100 g, 1000+ yards. YAR! I'm using silk lace, hand-dyed by Blue Moon Fiber arts, in an old color named Falcon's Eye. Sadly it doesn't seem to available off their website. It's an fantastic sage green that runs the value gamut from pale to saturated. I wish I were as subtle as this color is.

It's absolutely lovely gorgeous today (and was yesterday too). This of course has to happen on Monday and friggin' Tuesday. It'll be raining by the weekend. But no, I'm not bitter.

Last night I got home, poured a glass of strawberry lemonade and broke out the chocolate, made myself comfortable on the patio and then knit until I couldn't see any more. I've even got the mosquito bite to prove it (WTF why are there mosquitos in MAY?). I know that as summer gets closer and closer these days happen more often, and I'll start taking them for granted in another month, but right now I'm getting serious cabin fever from the sunshine and warmth. Today I be baring my knees to the universe. Hello universe, this is knees.

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