Friday, May 18, 2007

Random is as Random does

  • My friend and all-around super-heroine Connie-Lynne linked to this neato Fantasy Map of L.A. Transit done in London Underground style. It's fantasy, those public transit lines don't actually exist, but it must've been fun to build it. I think it's cool and I'm not going to try to explain why.

  • Woo, Mr. Random Number Generator picks a contest winner tomorrow. Not too late to enter if you haven't already!

  • K the love monkey and I resurrected the grill from the garage last weekend. He's been eyeing it all week, now that it's clean and spider and slug-free. What shall we grill? Any good ideas?

  • Still chugging on the silk lace. chug chug chug bead chug chug chug chug. This is boring as hell, isn't it? Well, I'm entertained. I've also made it through 2 more audiobooks. Thanks for the recommendations, I'm working through them. If you have anymore, bring 'em on. just... I don't do romances, 'k?

Did I mention the roses? She is blooming. This picture is indicative of the weather which it has not been like all week, and is expected for tomorrow (teeth of gnashing). Just ONE of these weeks it'd be nice to have it bright, sunny, and warm on SATURDAY and not on MONDAY.

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