Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My boring life

Ah, I think I was saying something on Sunday about Week! of! Finished! Objects! Um. well. Soon.

We sold the car last night (2 different people came to see it just last evening). I needn't have worried. Now I'm all gung-ho and thinking "let's sell the other [old] one! I rarely drive it anyway! Wouldn't have to move it out of the driveway every morning when you want to go to work!" (K's car, the pretty one, resides in the garage, safe from weather and birds).

K says: I'll resent not having the freedom of private transportation. Transit takes a long time. So does walking. Biking is oh so much fun when it's raining hard. It's true it's nice to have that "out" when I need it - when I sleep too late and I'm late for work, or even if I'm just tired of dealing with my fellow man, smelling badly, sitting next to me, I can get to work in less than half the time of transit and I have the privilege of being alone with my misanthropic self.

Also the closest grocery store is Trader Joe's, which can be kind of lacking in the produce department. Also: it'd be more trouble getting to the yarn and fabric shops (probably a good thing). Hmmm. I'll think about it.

For this car sale thing I worked myself up during this to a real fun state of tension. And I don't even really know why. It's so weird. I've just felt anxiety and stress ever since Sunday. Am I so out of practice with talking to people? This isn't a very good state of being. Stressing out just over answering the damn phone.

But now it's over and it feels like a huge adrenaline come-down and there's this leftover anxiety that I can't seem to get rid of and I want to just eat a whole PILE of chocolate chip cookies. RIGHT NOW. Maybe some beer too. Just stupid. The whole thing is stupid.

I want something to untangle. Some mess. Something to organize. I need to feel useful.
I need to get back to work. Break over. Bah.

This is my office totem, my little desk chicky-bird. I tried to take an angstful picture of myself with the cell phone but the pictures show off to great effect my fine, fine set of nostrils and shapely double chin. So you get the birdie instead.

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