Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. It's one of those oh FSM I sound like a completely idiot, toads pour out of my mouth, weeks. Then I get over myself.

I just wrote this long post.
Then I realized it was even more boring than the boring-ness it described. Every weekday of the last couple weeks has been dull and routine and seemingly exactly like the one before. My commuter socks get longer. Oh the excitement!

Camels, however, are NOT boring.

That is a 6-month old camel. Cute, hunh? Show us your aquiline profile:

Michelle & I went to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival last weekend so I could gawk at some goats. And rabbits and llamas and alpaca and sheep and a yak and YES a couple of baby camels. Their hair is softer than you might expect. I think this one does Christmas gigs if you want to rent him out.

Nice horns, baby.

Yeah, maybe not such a good idea to pet these ones.

Awww, look at those pretty brown eyes:

It was fun going with someone this year. We found we shared a predisposition for certain colors and combinations. Like natural alpaca colors and tweedy yarns. Yum. Fortunately there was no wrestling over the yarn, as she was MUCH more restrained than I.

Yeah, I bought some yarn. Handspun hand-dyes are pretty. I think I have just enough for some fingerless gloves. Mama's gonna be warm in style this year.

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