Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I know, I know. I don't even have a Ravelry invite sucking me away. No excuses.

I'm at the "I'm bored with this project and when will it be done?" point on the ribbed toddler jacket. People, it's just a BABY SWEATER and yet I am bored. This doesn't bode well for knitting an entire adult sweater, which (Admission time), I have never done. OK, it's in cotton. Maybe not so pleasant to knit. Maybe leaves my hands aching if I go for too long. But still.

I am done with the back and 7/8 of the fronts, with the sleeves still to go.

Meanwhile, I am a teeny bit obsessed with this yarn right now:

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in Scarlet (courtesy of the cell phone's camera)

Here it is, hanging out with my office mascot. Yes, I brought a skein of yarn to work with me, and occasionally pick it up and squeeeze it. I KNOW. Three days until the weekend.

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