Thursday, October 18, 2007

cat on a...roof

It was an anger morning, you know the ones where you wake up resentful? Even my favorite cereal did not dissolve the irritation, and I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO EXERCISE this morning. I have to though, it's like a job, the calorie bills don't pay themselves, gotta bring home the paycheck. So I was angry at the elliptical trainer and the water bottle and I pushed myself harder than usual. Did I mention it was dark and cold and wet this morning as well? BAH.

But then I got embarassed and mad at myself (angry at being angry. How do I manage that?) So screw it, today I am a ROCK STAR.
Today I will rock the rest of my outstanding work tasks. And tonight I'm going to see Crazy Aunt Purl out at the Beaverton Powells (ugh) (I say ugh because it's going to be a pain and a half to get there. Really bad traffic that direction at rush hour). And maybe she will say porn! a lot, inappropriately, and we will all laugh.

Anyway. Gotta get back to rockin'. I leave you with:

What's that on the garage roof?

Look closer:

It's Big Fluffy, the neighborhood bully cat.

Big Fluffy likes to creep into our house and eat Frances' food and sneak into the basement and hang out there. Big Fluffy howls at all the other neighborhood cats, but he's really just a big softy. And he is ENORMOUS and has ENORMOUS HAIR. Did I also mention he's polydactyl, as well?

Big Fluffy, king of all he surveys.

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