Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yeah, that would be me. Because, uh, I was lame last night and didn't bake anything (I did invent some kind of pasta dish for dinner. It was very underwhelming. You know, what I really want is a cooking class that teaches me about the basic properties of certain foods and spices and common food preparation mechanisms. Like how to make a cream sauce, or with which foods does thyme go well. Then you can riff off of that and make up your own stuff. My little improvisations rarely turn out well. I feel far too tied to recipes).

ANYWAY. By the time said sad pasta was finished it was 9:30 pm and I was tired and I didn't have the ingredients or the cool googly eyes or anything. I forgot I didn't even have the sour cream required for the banana-cocoa loaf. I need to get better at this preparation thing.

Halloween, while it might partially be about toddlers in cute bug suits (the most adorable little furry chicken came by yesterday during the office trick-or-treat. So. Cute.), is heavy on the food emphasis. And in general, SUGAR.
K and I were reminiscing last night about how when we were kids we both used to lay out and organize all our Halloween candy from favorite to meh, so we could figure out just what to greedily consume first.

So let's make this a CONTEST. Woot woot!
Leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of Halloween candy and/or your least favorite. I've got some Opal self-striping sock yarn burning a hole in my pocket. From all the people who leave comments I'll ask Mr. Random Number Generator to pick one. I'll keep taking names until Saturday midnight, Pacific time, ok?

Happy Halloween and watch out for those kitty litter cakes (mmmmmm yum!)

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