Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Irritated and envious

Two particular emotions that show me off as mean, nitpicking, niggling, and pathetic. But maybe I'll just call it Truth-In-Words Tuesday. So now you are forewarned, this post will be about nasty mean little things.

  1. I really love seeing the pictures at Yarnstorm. I think she's a gorgeous photographer and I enjoy her color sense. However, the nasty irritated part of me thinks, how the CRAP does she manage to bake all those cakes and cookies and yet remain thin and svelte? The logical part of my head answers, maybe she exercises for hours every day. Maybe she won the genetic lottery. Maybe both. Logic does not stop me from being envious. I haven't baked cookies in years. Do you KNOW what fat and sugar does to me?

    I am so tired of guilt over every bit of chocolate.

  2. morning shows. I'm really truly sorry and don't mean any insult to you if you like these, but they are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I cannot stand the fatuous, smug hosts imparting "news". I have to always remember to bring the ipod to the gym with me on weekdays, so I can drown them out.

  3. This morning I forgot the ipod. Someone was watching. They were giving tips on losing weight (they love tips. Lots of tips). Commercial break came and they cut straight to a commercial for Denny's.

  4. They were also interviewing someone who had been on the reality tv show "The Biggest Loser." I find the name of that show offensive, and I refused to join a particular gym because they were running a promotion based on that show. (Ha ha, biggest "loser", we all know what that means. Turn all the fat losers into winners.)

    She'd lost 70 pounds. I wanted to cheer out loud.

  5. K is back again from a short trip. This one is a good thing and makes me happy.

  6. We have to get the stupid ceilings tested for asbestos.

  7. I am putting this off. The abatement will be costly and disruptive, if required.

  8. I REALLY should not be putting this off.

  9. it's holding up a slew of other things I want to do, including
    a) ripping up the nasty old carpet
    b) cleaning the floors
    c) rearranging the furniture
    d) buying a Dawn Clock (I have no where to put it right now. The bed is shoved up against the wall). I have a real mean time trying to get up in darkness. I thought maybe this would help. It's kind of pricey for a "maybe", but the regular alarm clock has never done it for me.

  10. I have this pattern idea in my head but it's not coming out. It's impossible in current form given the limitations of knitted material (e.g. will not lie flat.) I need to swatch. A lot. I also need to finish some damn things.

  11. No more peaches this year. Sigh.

  12. I'm sort of unwilling to re-enter apple & banana land. Pears are o.k. I like apples and bananas but I overdosed or something last winter. 8 months of apples and bananas. bah. I guess I could mix things up with some grapes.

See? boring, pedestrian, mean and insignificant. No knitting content at all. Not even some sewing to mitigate the tedium. Grump.

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