Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Creep out the Coworkers

So my place of employment is having their annual Halloween party tomorrow, and this year they're being cheap breaking with tradition and having a potluck (they'll provide some 'appetizers'. You know how these food contests can go) There's a prize for the scariest food.

I was thinking of doing this chocolate banana bread that I have never tried, but it's not very scary, just probably brown. Maybe I should get more ambitious. You all have any good ideas?

From some quick googling, my favorites:

Crawly Cakes from NotMartha. These are awesome but maybe more work than I am willing to do.

These Hairy Daddy Longlegs cupcakes are similar but look like less work (and don't involve twinkies, always a plus).

I think these are my favorite so far: Monster Toes. Awesome! But, cocktail sausages? Ewwww. Also, the vegetarians will be unhappy.

These vampire cupcakes that K mentioned to me were what got me started. Might be a winner.

Other Halloween food awesomeness:
Man, I feel so uncreative. Tentacles out of Laffy Taffy, now THAT is the mother of invention.

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