Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Filthy Mouth & Bad Attitude

The weather has been perfectly gorgeous lately, starting with Saturday, just to shock us all into submission. I just keep trying to get a glimpse of outside at work. And I take a lot of walks. I'd get tired of this weather if it were around all the time, but it's an amazing thing after a winter of cold & rain. Everything's blooming, or just finished blooming, or coming up on blooming, and there's that new Spring green color that you only see once a year.

Which is a good thing because I'm barely hanging in right now, and a sunny sky, shorts, a t-shirt, and a margarita help quite a lot. I'm not knitting. I've got a billion things to do and no inner compulsion to do them.

In positive news, the rheumatologist says it's very unlikely I have an incurable autoimmune disease gradually destroying my back. I just suck, that's all. Oh, and I have a vitamin D deficiency. From lab tests performed in February. In Portland. Where 1/2 the city has a Vitamin D deficiency by February.

I have these super enormous dosage Vitamin D pills I take once a week now, and hopefully that'll recalcify my bones 'n' all that. Meanwhile I do my damn stretches and exercises every stupid frickin' day because at least then it doesn't get any worse. I've taken to doing them (so so boring) while watching old season 1 X-Files. Dear X-Files, I know you were based in BC, could NO ONE tell David Duchovny how to pronounce 'Oregon'?

Also there are a lot of scary, scary forest shots. And they shouldn't have ripped off the Repo Man death-by-radioactive-alien thing, because it is just funny.

I'm also sort of pissed that the latest batch of hormones (changed BC a few months ago: see needed recalcification of bones, above, among other things) appears to have slowed my metabolism EVEN MORE, so despite some changes in diet and exercise in the last few months, I weigh slightly more than the last time I was in the doc's office. OH JOY.

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