Thursday, April 02, 2009

Love for the Dizzy Blonde

Yes, I'm pimpin' the La, 'cuz she does nice work. I've bought a couple of her skeins of sock yarns and they are the good stuff (I also appreciate muchly that there is plenty enough yardage for big feet like mine. Look, I don't want to be a hater, but I don't buy Jitterbug, period, because 320 yards doesn't even cover my FEET let alone cuffs).

This is the La behind Dizzy Blonde Studios & she's teaming up with Knitty Knitterton's House of Awesome for a SUPER EXKLOOSIV yarn club. (I have no experience with Knitty Knitterton, but I'm sure she sells a quality product, plus she's got the sexiest shark on Ravelry).

All the details are at the Mean Girls Yarn Club blog, so go take a look if you are so inclined. Did I mention the SUPER EXCKLOOSIV? Because there's only 50 spots. Signups open up tomorrow.

No, this isn't from the club - just one of the regular colorways:

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