Saturday, April 04, 2009

My current obsession

Double-striping socks, with 2 balls of Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace, alternating every 5 rows.

Tip: if you do short row heels to make the stripes all line up (at least one side. arggh), you need an EVEN number of rows. Rows upped to 6 rows per skein on the heel.

Really, the hardest thing was figuring out how to carry the extra yarn so that it wouldn't show through. I finally memorized a twist that worked and spent more time deciding on just how tight to pull it. I'm thinking the second sock is probably going to look better.

This yarn, though. I freely admit being sucked in by the colors and the stripiness. But it's a 1-ply. It's got nylon, sure, but I'm probably just denying reality by making socks out of this; the single ply just isn't going to hold up to much strain. Dear long-stripe sock yarn manufacturers: really digging the colors, but could you see your way through to a PLYED sock yarn?

Oh well, love is blind.

In other news, I really like riding my bike. It's just so much fun. I like riding my bike even more on warm sunny Spring days. Hopefully my back will not kill me for today's adventures. Wheeee!

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