Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plant shows: feeding my bad habits since 2001

I went to a plant show a couple weekends ago and bought way too many plants. The same day later on it decided to hail, and so that's my excuse why they're not all potted yet. It's like new yarn - all the possibilities are there and none of the liabilities, unless you make yourself stop and think about where it's all going to go and when you'll spend all that time doing that planting.

I put this big delphinium in a pot on the front steps. It's blooming NOW. I have to stop and look at the flowers every time I walk by. I am a sucker for a dramatic plant.

And Vanna, show us just how tall that flower stalk is - 2, almost 3 feet.

This doesn't look like much but it's a shame there is no web smell-o-vision because this is a lemon-scented geranium. Just rubbing the leaves a little releases the fragrance.

I have wanted a columbine for years but this was the year I caved.
I admit I was too lazy to grow one from seed. Maybe next year.

It, of course, is blooming now too, feeding my terrible habit of craving instant gratification. Don't worry, I got a hardy fuschia too, which shouldn't do its thing until well into July.

The columbine is hard to photograph, but it has the mostly ethereal flowers. It'd be nifty to have a garden full of odd flowers, wouldn't it? Definitely would need a passiflora in there somewhere.

And last of all, my bay tree is blooming. This one's 5 years old, it's not a new plant. I didn't even know they bloomed. It's gotten very rangy, I badly need to prune it back for better form. Anyone need any bay leaves? Or maybe I'll just get some rooting hormone and start a couple new trees, then I can avoid having to plant all those hostas I bought. Yeah, good idea.

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