Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Feeling Ranty

New York Times article via Martinimade:

Health Care Savings Could Start in the Cafeteria

I'm very happy to see the final quotation of this article:

“I think weight loss is more than likely to be an outcome, but this isn’t really about that,” she says. “It’s about adding things to your life and feeling better psychologically and physically. It’s a hugely important message.”

Because, um, being healthy is the point? Not necessarily being thinner?

As someone who doesn't lose weight via dieting except with extreme measures (you do know that it's against the Geneva Convention to feed someone less than 1200 calories a day because they've classified it as torture, right?), I'm really awfully tired of people telling me how unhealthy I am. Let's please get this straight: I do not eat a dozen donuts for breakfast (actually, I don't even eat one, but that's because I don't care for sweet at breakfast). I'm not snarfing 6 big macs at lunch. I do not follow dinner with a whole chocolate cake.

How can I make this abundantly clear? I am not fat because I overeat. I am not fat because I don't exercise. I am fat because I am fat. That's how my body rolls (ha ha, she said rolls). Just because you are thin DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU HEALTHY.

And darlin', let me tell you about my uncle, who despite his trim waistline and healthy meals and all that exercise... got diabetes anyway. Genetics is a drag, isn't it.

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