Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Dead Yet

oh ho ho no, still breathing. The bronchitis took about a week to cough itself out and then I thought I was picking up another cold from the Love Monkey but so far so good. I am very much looking forward to Christmas dinner where I will be cooking duck this year. DUCK, I say! Wish me luck.

I'm still about 3 weeks behind, kind of a perpetual thing at this point. So, as of late November:

Big Fluffy the enormo-cat has put on his winter coat:

Last of the Japanese maples are displaying outside of the downtown library:

and in recent news it has stopped being sunny and very cold and started in on the rain, much to Frances the cat's dismay

(she's the one with the green eye staring from the darkness)

Happy Solstice!

And this video about Octopi & coconuts was the coolest thing I saw all last week.

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