Tuesday, December 29, 2009


An unexpected snowstorm just dropped 2" on us. Woohoo! (I didn't have to drive in it, although it did take me an hour and half to get home on the train. I didn't really mind all that much, better than being stuck on the roads). It's all supposed to melt tonight, but for now, it's beautiful. Here's the Christmas tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square

I walked around the neighborhood once I got home and there were a couple sleds, one cross-country skier, a snowball fight, and a variety of snowmen. It's wet, soft, squishy snow that makes perfect snowballs.

Right now I am extremely annoyed at the love monkey who did one of those OMG-I've-been-on-vacation-so-much-to-do tricks today and decided to stay until 9:45 (almost 12 hours) despite the weather being pretty explicit on how the snow is turning first to ice then freezing rain and rain, which makes the roads extra fun. Work is really that important, huh? If he'd left 2 hours ago he wouldn't be out on jammed-up ice-slick freeways. That jerk better make it home in one piece.

ETA: he made it, although it took an hour (usually 15 minutes)

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