Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rainbow Brite

Dyeing randomly is fun but sometimes I want a bit more idea of what I'm going to get on the other side.
Not quite the color wheel.

So I've been dyeing up mini-skeins of primaries, secondaries, shades, blah blah blah. Each skein is 2 g and about 10 yards. I use primaries + brown and black to mix up all the colors. I could buy the individual colors but it's a lot less expensive (and more fun for me) to just mix up my own. I finally got that periwinkle I've been trying for for months. Duh. I make exceptions for colors that are annoyingly hard to mix.

Here's a blue->red progression with at various strengths (not including the primaries). The red is stronger than the blue so they all tend more towards the reddish.

And some reds with black shading. Black is pretty much the definition of a-little-goes-a-long-way.
Also all these little bitty skeins appeal greatly to my tendencies to organization and completion. Must. Orthogonalize.

The mini-skeins are much cheaper to dye than dyeing bigger skeins, although I have to extrapolate upwards by weight. (And now I really would like a 0.5-ml graduated syringe, because 1/8 tsp is as small as I can reasonably go). I'm not being full-on accurate about it all, I just want an idea of the colors, otherwise I'd be measuring stuff out to the milligram. All the different colors are so much fun to mess with, and it's a bit of a surprise seeing how certain combinations turn out.

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