Friday, December 08, 2006


I stayed home sick with a cold today. I probably could have managed work but:
a) there wasn't anything that needed doing TODAY
b) I'm pretty sure I'm ragingly contagious

In the too much information deparment, I hate it when I have yellow snot. Yuck.
Benadryl is my very good friend.

Pictures, my last resort when I have nothing to say:

This is for all you voyeurs out there who like to see other people's domicile interiors. This is the place I most like to knit, on a sunny fall day. Also known as the gaming and media futon.

Yeah, I'm no neat freak. That carpet needs vacuuming badly. I'm facing so you can't see the cat's litter box. Fortunately there's not enough detail for you see an almost entire cat's worth of cat hair on the futon. Frances the kitty, she loves a nice sunny spot as much as I do.

Any ideas for what to make for dinner? K is in "I dunno" mode and I'm not getting any inspiration either. Yesterday I made lentil soup & bread, and I think that exhausted my poor sick cooking muscles. It's one of those colds where everything but orange juice tastes funny. The zinc candies I'm sucking down every few hours don't help, I'm sure.


Krista M said...

I'm sorry you are under the weather. Definitely better you stayed home...your coworkers would have hated you! Hope you feel better soon!

Carole said...

Bummer about the cold. I like to eat spicy food when I have a cold as it's the only thing I can taste! I'd make chili for dinner.

Kristen said...

I followed you from Yarn Harlot's blog to Wen's blog to here. Hope you feel better soon.

Rabbitch said...

It's days like this that scream "take-out". I hope you're better soon.

zoe said...

So sorry to hear you're under the weather....and I love your knitting spot - it looks so peaceful.
I recommend CHICKEN SOUP!!!...I have my grammas recipe on my blog. Give the recipe to hubby and have him make it. Guarranteed to make you feel better

Love, Karen

jenifleur said...

Oh no, I'm contagious right through the blogs! I hope you get to feeling better soon. And remember, if you do anything besides knitting you'll relapse, so don't take chances.

BigAlice said...

Aw, thanks everyone.