Monday, December 11, 2006

I like snow

Yes, feel free to kill me now. I like snow and I like snow falling and I love the silence during a really intense snow storm.

This is not to say that I enjoy driving in slippery conditions. In fact, I find snow and ice a great excuse NOT to go anywhere at all. Except by foot. I figure, if it's going to be cold, we should at least get the consolation prize of snow to make everything pretty. Because nothing covers up ugly suburbia like snow.

One of the drawbacks of my current climate is that snow is pretty unlikely. And yes it did snow here a couple weeks ago, overnight, and in the morning it looked like this:

But you'll notice it's just a bare dusting and it's hardly sticking to anything, and by the time I'd walked to work it'd all melted. DAMMIT. I'd like a REAL SNOWSTORM please. And I lived in the mountains in Montana for a winter, so I KNOW what a Real Snowstorm is supposed to look like.

So while we're all singing "I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas" here in the southern bit of the Pacific NW, enjoy your lovely snow, if you live where you get such a thing (apologies to Rabbitch, but hello, that's why they call your climate the Great White FROZEN North. Actually, it's only slightly less rare in Vancouver B.C. to get a good snowfall. I still have snow envy).

Meanwhile, I guess we've got compensation, as the camellia buds look about fit to bust. Last year they started blooming January 1st and finally petered out sometime in late February. I was pruning them (yes, I know, not a good idea to prune in October, but our camellias threaten to take over the house otherwise so I have do pruning semi-annually. They don't care, they've already got hundreds of buds, a few less doesn't matter) and saw this:

I had no idea camellias fruited. or nutted, or whatever. My special friend the Internet and its spokesmodel Google informed me that yes, that was indeed a camellia fruit, and it contained seeds. Awww, my trees have babies.


Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm feeling better after a weekend of Not Moving Around Much and Much Snot. And now I can freely blame Jen as she has admitted to infecting me VIA HER BLOG. BEWARE! Hope your virus protection is up to date (snicker. Can you tell I'm still a little sick? Making these awful puns).

And your dinner suggestions are fabulous, thank you. I love me some chicken soup when I'm all sniffly. And spicy food, yum. And takeout, mmm yes. There's a new Thai place that K just discovered, and it is THE BOMB. No seriously, it's amazingly good. It's street Thai, so they don't have phad thai and the usual, but Oh. Goodness. Coconut rice, papaya salad, game hens roasted stuffed with lemongrass. And all from a cute takeout booth, though they just opened a sitdown restaurant next door. If you're in Portland and you like SE Asian, you MUST try Pok Pok.

Oh, and one more thing; congratulations to Wen for a successful Harlot stalking! Wooo!


karen lander said...

funny the tings you can catch on a blog...:) glad you are feeling better - try the chicken soup sometime, it is really great...I LOVE SNOW ALSO...but never get any here in southern california...secong is rain I LOVE RAIN

Imbrium said...'re praying for snow and I'm praying for a snow-free drive next week. I love looking at snow, I love playing in snow, but driving in snow freaks me out.

BigAlice said...

I'm with you Imbrium on the driving in snow. NO THANK YOU. So I hope you have a snow-free next week as well. There was a real nasty wet storm that moved through here yesterday though :( Hopefully it'll drop most of its rain pre-Rockies.

Heh, Karen, I am also fond of rain but not in every-day, drip-drip-drip amounts. I hope you get more rain in SoCal this winter.

Krista M said...

I also love snow. I am looking forward to our first big snowstorm!

Rabbitch said...

I've tagged you for a meme. Don't beat me!

Amy said...

I'm with you on the snow. And here in Minnesota, this has been an utterly dismal season. The grass is still green, fer cryin' out loud. We did get snow yesterday, but given that the temps are supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow, that won't last. It stinks.