Friday, December 01, 2006


I don't get to use that in the mathematical sense any more, such a shame.

My commute consists of:
1) walk through neighborhood to train station
2) ride light rail train downtown
3) walk through downtown to work
(reverse, rinse, repeat for going home)

For Carole:

Stuff seen on the commute to work

  1. people talking about their parole officer (often. about twice a week)
  2. horde of elementary/day care kids on field trip on public transit (once a month)
  3. Teenagers spray-painting their shoes blue while riding the train (only once, but it was memorable)
  4. Mallard duck couple (used to see them most days, but I haven't seen them since early last spring; they would hang out in the small grassy area between the on and off ramps to the bridge)
  5. Mariachi band (rehearsing/warming up in the big open area under the trade center. It was mid-summer, and they were grand. Sadly seen only once. One thing I miss about New Mexico is good mariachi.)

And because there's been a dearth of pictures on this here blog, 3 more things:

My favorite downtown tree. This is where the ducks would hang out. I hope my encouragements for them to move to a less urban location were successful. This is from months ago, back when there were still leafy things on the trees.

View out my office windows near sunset, a few days ago. This is the best office I've ever had (only office, actually) and I would have fight someone to the death if they tried take away my natural light and the view.

The same view, at night, tonight. You even get a shot of the bridge up! Um, outside is darker than that picure shows. And less reddish and more orangey.

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Carole said...

Thanks for doing the commute meme!