Monday, December 18, 2006

You've lost that Christmas feelin'

Over dinner on Saturday, K the Love Monkey mentioned that he wasn't feeling very Christmas-ey this year, despite it being a week away. And I realized I wasn't either.

I don't know if this is because there has been so much going on this year that it feels as if it's suddenly December and HEY YEAH WHERE DID ALL THE REST OF THAT YEAR GO? I haven't been paying that much attention to the passage of time.

We discussed how maybe it was because there's been decorations in stores since October that you just get immune to the influence. K remarked that you now get Xmess for 1/6 of the year, and even longer for stupid stores who start in September. I'd just like to let all you retailers know: you're not doing yourselves any favors with me, starting that early. One of the reasons decorations evoke a nice feeling is IF THEY ARE KEPT FOR A SPECIAL TIME.

K thinks it's because we HAVEN'T been in a mall, in a feels-so-good-when-you-stop-doing-that-annoying-thing way. That you appreciate the good bits of Christmas so much more when you can finally quit shoving through crowds. Crowd shoving has been at an all-time low this year at Chez Love Monkey & Big Alice.

Me, I don't know. I don't decorate much, seeing as we ALWAYS travel and so why put up decorations we aren't going to be around to enjoy. I love having a tree but I hate having to kill something just to enjoy it. Also IANAID (I am not an interior decorator). But I usually get excited about the season.

I like to give gifts to people. I like the ambience of Christmas. I like the reds and the greens and the golds and the air of anticipation. But this year it feels just the same as any other winter month (except I am about frothing at the mouth to get the week and a half vacation that's going to arrive IN ONE DAY. oh thank FSM.)

Perhaps it's because this year, more than any other, I feel acutely just how much I have in relation to so much of the rest of the world. Just how screwed so many people are. It makes me feel sad and guilty a lot of the time.

And there's still no Christmas feel today despite filling out 52 billion holiday cards on Sunday. Yes, Virginia, that is a plethora of cards! Well, maybe not quite that many. Maybe more like 60. But hello! I've never written that many cards at one time, in my life. I think I need some kind of freaking medal. Or maybe just pass the rum. (For inexplicable reasons, my associations are: rum is for Christmasmas, vodka's for New Year's. And whiskey/whisky's for whenever you just feel like you need to feel ADULT).


By the way, we are just fine after the Big Killer Storm of the PNW. It really didn't hit Oregon that hard east of the coast range. We didn't lose any power (we live in Portland metro) and despite the blowing-ness, there weren't that many big branches or trees down. I was in a LYS Friday night (I KNOW, too much yarn. Yes, but this is a sweater for K. The very first sweater I am ever making him) and they have big plate glass windows that shook and rattled every time the wind gusted up. I told the person at the front she could always duck quickly under the desk if a tree came through. It did not make for calm yarn shopping, though.


Krista M said...

I'm with you! I have had trouble for the past few years getting into the spirit. Steve took me to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and that helped, but all I really feel is stressed out!

Zardra said...

This year definitely feels less Christmas-y. I haven't really done any Christmas shopping; any gifts that have been purchased were taken care of by the husband.