Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eat the dogfood

Pacalaga pointed out that if I'm going to bitch about blogger not delivering email addresses, I should at least BOTHER to put up my own address. D'oh. Actually, she said it in a much nicer way.

So behold! Now you've got a functional if extremely ugly pointer for contact information up on the top right.

P.S. Go see her Clapotis and Tendrils stoles. They're gorgeous. That red yarn... oh man. Makes a girl want to go purchase something. I really like the mostly-solid colors, I think it really brings out the beauty of the yarn.

P.P.S Thank you to Kristen for the good info on Haloscan. I've seen it before but I didn't know anything about it. Hey, no worries about the gushing, I'm all for as much opinion as I can get. Lets me know ahead of time if something is going to be cool or drive me bonkers.


pacalaga said...

That red was hand-dyed by Jessie of A Piece of Vermont. Hurry and go get some from her before her cat kills her. Or vice versa.
Oh yeah, and I signed up for Haloscan. So far, so good.

Kristen said...

I noticed the haloscan over at Pacalaga's place. Nice!

Just sayin.

Your email address made me laugh out loud. Would this help?.