Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday and all that

Thank you so much for all your stories and advice for what to do on the Raglan of Doubt. I haven't ever done a raglan sweater before (heck, let's be honest. I've yet to do an adult sweater, period) and my small (but loud) inner perfectionist thinks I Must Do It Perfectly the First Time. Which is stupid and paralyzing and even if something doesn't work, I will LEARN something from it, so it is NOT a waste of time. Do I sound like I'm trying to convince myself? Sigh.

To answer some questions:

I've tried the sweater on K himself, and it looks too big - hence a big source of my worry.

About the grey cable twist socks, Carrie asked about the pattern: it's a pattern from Hello Yarn, although I used the stitch pattern and not much else, since I a) used thinner yarn, and b) made it for bigger feet. It looks complicated but the twists are just a left twist, and that's the only complicated stitch in the whole thing. You don't need a cable needle.

Just so you know, Blogger's new version means that I no longer get anyone's email address when they post a comment - all the comments are tagged "". I'd really like to answer people personally but I have to hunt down email addresses, if they're even available. I think this might push me over the edge to switch to something different.


pacalaga said...

I have gotten in the habit of storing the email addresses of those who comment. So, me too.

Kristen said...

I use Haloscan for my comments. It's free, and walks you through the installation process. Your commenters aren't required to leave an email address, but there is a space for it. I can't remember now, but I think they can select whether the email address shows up. Anyway, you can change the colors of your comments window, change the size of it, change whether it shows up in the browser or as a pop-up.

What I like best about Haloscan is that it stores commenters' info for the next time they comment, and it remembers the info for ANYONE who uses Haloscan. So if you comment on my blog, and then you go to, say, and leave a comment, you won't have to fill out a comment form because he uses Haloscan, too. AND AND AND? No spam. I don't have word verification, and I don't need it.

Obviously, I'm rather in love with Haloscan. I hope my gushing about it doesn't annoy you. Hehe!

pacalaga said...

Bah, I went to respond to your comments on my site, but NOoooo, you don't have your email posted...
I think I might have to check out Haloscan, Kristen seems to like it. :-)
Oh, and Tendrils took me MONTHS, and Clapotis has been finished for a while. My knitting pace would be considered glacial, on a good day.

fleegle said...

I hate this "no reply" thing also. Perhaps they will change it in the next version. I will try Haloscan and see how that works out.

As for the pattern not being symmetrical, I should have seen that. But it was all bunched up and black, you know. It's pulled off the needles now, and I can start over again as soon as I finish stomping on the first 13 rows.