Monday, February 26, 2007

Long time, no blog

Thank you all for the compliments on the grey cable-twists socks. EXACTLY as you say - just enough pattern to make them interesting, yet still easily memorized and compliant with the Not-Too-Fancy K requirement. Like ribbing++

Sorry I haven't been around. I submitted a design to the Purlescence Storytellers competition and was scrabbling to get that all together. I'm not expecting much of it because I am TRULY AWFUL at drawing. Truly. My sketch of my lace stole looks as if it's demonically posessed. I always failed art classes in elementary school, my only shameful minuses on the whole report card. I took woodshop in junior high just so I could avoid art. And because bandsaws are cool. If nothing comes of the contest, maybe I'll finish up the design post it here.

Then last-last Saturday I picked up a cold from somewhere, and even though for 2 days I managed to keep it confined to my throat (and thought I was over the hump), Tuesday was the Great Snotfall and Achiness. I'd been trying to Zinc and Vitamin-C it to death and been drinking so many liquids I had to pee every hour, on the hour. Wednesday I caved and bought some Airborne to try. Because, see, Wednesday night K & I left for a little romantical vacation for 4 days.

Fortunately I felt much better on Thursday and mostly completely healthy by Saturday. No Pseudoephedrine-enhanced benadryl supplies were exhausted. We had a good time and K got some respite from the annoying, frustrating, and long hours he's been spending at work for some months. It's awfully nice to sit in cushy chairs in a warm room, with a lovely view, and have people bring you good beer.

Plus I didn't have really much to say lately.

Not like I have much to say today. But hey, travel and airports are sure conducive to lots of knitting time. I'm past the heel of a Pomatomus already. (Faina didn't come along for the ride, since it's not a great travel knit (too many charts to be checking all the time)). Day-umn. It took me WEEKS to do the first one last fall.

First sock: 51 grams
Yarn leftover for second sock: 52 grams
It's going to be a close one.


kmkat said...

Oooooh, a suspenseful knit -- we'll all be on pins and needles.

pacalaga said...

If you're a mathy type, you can always calculate the percentage of the new sock completed, weigh the remaining yarn, and see if you're on track...
But really, who cares if you have a few rows of a different color on one toe? You can do it for every pair and call it your signature. :-D

Imbrium said...

Glad you're feeling better and that you got to enjoy your vacation!

karen said...

welcome back from a well deserved vacation