Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008, the Year I Get Off My Derriere

I don't do New Year's resolutions.

I never have, either; I once got in trouble in 3rd grade because I refused to write any. We were supposed to write them out and take them home and put them on the fridge or something. Someone tattled on me to the teacher (I believe I wrote things such as "New Year's Resolutions are dumb" and "I resolve to eat more candy this year.")

No. It really bothers me that there's this arbitrary date when I'm supposed to change my life. And because there's such a rich tradition of New Years goals that last all of 2 weeks, it seems like I'm setting myself up for instant failure.

Instead I make "resolutions" whenever the hell I feel like it. My mind gets into this place where it decides "NOW. NO MORE OF THIS PROCRASTINATION CRAP." But I really do have to reach a kind of tipping point in my head, or it just won't work. It's usually set off by some kind of external event (not necessarily something large), but sometimes I just get to the "TIME TO CHANGE SOMETHING, DAMMIT" stage all on my own.

Anyway. I do concede that the calendar year's start is a useful way to measure just how long you've been doing (or not doing) something. Also useful if you wish to plan on doing/not doing things for a sort of seasonal time. Also, all you people are being introspective and crap, and it gets to a girl.

So, loosely, I intend for 2008 to be the year to Get Stuff Done. In all ways, forms, and means.

This weekend: the shower, where the pink mold and the black mold have been fighting for dominance for FAR too long. (I know. ewwww. More information than you needed.)

November leaves (shut up, I know it's January. I need to remind myself there are more colors in the world than grey, green, and beige (thank you 70s commercial buildings)).

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