Monday, January 14, 2008


Ugh, I look at what every cool thing everyone else is doing and I think, crud, I'm so boring. DULL DULL DULL
  1. I scrubbed the bathtub this weekend and cleaned the shower (yeah. I didn't quite get to that last weekend. But I did add it to my Enormous, Mother-of-All To-Do Lists).

  2. I went to the gym (bah, I dislike going to the gym in January. Always crowded). Twice. blah blah, hooray for me.

  3. I did some laundry.

  4. I knit on my seeKriT knitting project. Then I tried it on and realized I'll have to rip back my seeKriT knitting project because of some unfortunate lack of fitting. I threw the seeKriT knitting project into the corner.

  5. I took some pictures of objects whose names begin with the letter 'A'. Coming soon to a theater near you.

  6. I failed to answer my email.

  7. I failed to post PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES! Again, coming real soon.

  8. We went to Powell's. And the grocery store.

Also, from the Too Much Information Department, my rear hurts.

K gave me a lovely Christmas present of a new bike! Well, more like an option on a new bike. He constructed a little gift certificate for me with random bike pictures off the Net, even.

I don't actually own a bike and I've never bought one and I know jack about bicycles, besides the recumbent stationary one at the gym. Seriously, I've never owned a geared bicycle. I've ridden K's, but that's it. I thought it'd be fun to ride together. Also, my rear and my wrists go numb after riding his bike for 20 minutes. I've been assured that the former is to be expected, but the wrists kind of bother me.

Then yesterday the weather decided to pull one of those Ha-Ha-I-rain-for-2-months-straight-but-to-throw-you-off-balance-surprise! things and gave us a rare warm sunny January day. Yeah, cheeping birds and all. Well, relatively warm. I'll take mid-50s. So we went to the bike shop to show off all my bike ignorance.

Sigh. My Natural Padding(tm) seems to be everywhere except right where I need it. It's a bad sign, isn't it, when my rear end still hurts today -- and after only a 15-minute trial ride yesterday?

K sez I will develop the mythical Biker Butt Callouses, but I'm not so sure. How can something be designed to press so specifically into my most tenderest parts? Honestly.

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