Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday's child is full of grace

I'm pretty sure I wasn't born on a Tuesday.

Ha. Told you I'd regret that in the morning.

These are the Poirot socks. The pattern is 'New England' by Nancy Bush, from her book Knitting on the Road. They're for Mom. She's allergic to wool so I'm doing them with Crystal Palace Maizy. It's that sock yarn that's made out of corn, with a some elastic thrown in for fun. I'm almost done with one sock now. I think I will send her sock the first so she can make sure it fits and is comfortable before I start sock the 2nd.


Because I like words and I like pictures, I think I'm going to do this. I'm sort of maybe still in the first 2 weeks of the year? Close enough?

A is for Apple:
Isn't A always for apple? There's some Law of Nature or something. These are Galas and they sure look REALLY GOOD. Yum. I grew up in apple country and we had a community cider press, so every year a bunch of people would gather in our carport in Fall and make fresh apple cider. It's so good. My Mom would make fresh cinnamon rolls for everyone, so you could go inside and warm up and have a hot cinnamon roll. Every autumn I go a little nutso and have to find some fresh, unfiltered cider.

A is also for avocado:
I used to hate avocados when I was a kid, but now I adore them. MMMMM I think I see guacamole in my future.

A is for angst, Albuquerque, and A-positive. A is additionally for apostrophe. Use, don't abuse.


This has nothing to do with A, but I was paging through an old Rowan pattern book from the library and found this:
When did Harry Potter get the gig modeling Kaffe Fassett sweaters for Rowan?

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