Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Enormous Thank You

I am something like 3 weeks late in posting this (ha, what else is new?), but I'd still like to do so.

A bit ago Zoe sent me a fantastic wonderful package full of knitting goodies. It was such a fabulous surprise to come home to, and I want to publicly thank her for doing such a lovely thoughtful thing for me. I opened it up and thought Damn, I've died and gone to Heaven and it's a yarn store after all.

Some Regia silk sock yarn, so soft and a gorgeous slate blue; variegated Wool In the Woods (more socks! woop!) in toasty browns and greys. There is a skein of lovely soft brilliantly colored Sophie's Toes that I can't wait to try, and a skein of Sundara silk lace yarn in a beautiful silvery slate grey. I can't stop touching it, I'm such a silk addict. A skein of Skylark yarns in alpaca and bamboo that is so amazingly soft, and an awesome sock yarn bag and the Mindful Knitting book by Tara Jon Manning.

Thank you so much, Zoe, you made my day (& week & month).

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