Friday, March 21, 2008

Enough with the flowers already

This is a public service announcement for those of you in the in the North/North-Eastish bits of the North American continent:


I waffled between putting these up or not--whether it'd be nasty and mean or offer hope. I fell on the side of 'but they're just so pretty'. If it makes you feel better, last weekend there was brief but intense hail storm which stripped those blossoms right off the trees.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. My brain is dissolving out my nose, but hey, it is FRIDAY.

Another Big Fluffy cameo, on his grand tour of our backyard:
He looks mean in that picture but really he's just a big softy (Ha, Wren'll get that reference I think.) You can see from the pick just how thick his winter coat is--that iron pillar attaches to the fence. A few weeks ago he decided to sneak inside and hide in our basement for at least several hours. We were alerted to his presence during a movie when a loud yowling came from the direction of the (now closed) back door (our cat Frances was sitting on my lap at the time).

Either Frances is getting mellower or she's just scared of him so she doesn't go on territorial defense DEFCON 1 unless we're also around to back her up.

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