Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did I mention that C is also for Clumsy?

And completely idiotic?

Latest in the line of just-how-can-I-annoyingly-(not seriously, thank goodness)- injure-myself events for this month, I managed to slice 2 of my fingers while cutting onions tonight. Onions that were to go into the chicken soup I was making because I think I'm coming down with a cold.

My typing accuracy goes way down when I'm only on 8 fingers. It took 3x times as long as normal to write this. Also numbers are hard (and not in the Barbie sense).

I'm fine; one finger's not bad, the other is deeper and of course right on the top joint so I'll self-splint the damn thing so that it heals faster. And at least it's my non-dominant hand. I think that's the first time I've ever been in (slight) shock before and I didn't enjoy it. I just got dizzy and a little nauseated for a little while.

I think knitting is out for the moment, though, unless I can figure out some way of holding things with a half-splinted left middle finger. Time to get friendly with crochet again!


Happier C's:

Croissant (this one's almond. And eaten)



and of course,

This is the chocolate cake I made for K's birthday (extremely belated). Bakerina's blog has been inspiring me to new heights of baking lately, and so voilà: my first successful cake completely from scratch. I used these eency 5" diameter pans because a 9" wide cake would be way, way overkill.

It's yellow layer cake with milk chocolate buttercream icing. And it is DEADLY, let me tell you.
Deadly but delicious. (Is that an awful enough segue to D?)

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