Sunday, March 23, 2008

D is for DYEING

I've been doing a lot of dyeing lately. I don't really know why as I've got a bazillion other things lined up to do, but it's more dyeing for dyeing's sake, not really to produce anything. I use the excuse that I'm trying out different sock yarn blanks.


I do kettle dyeing. I could handpaint instead, but I'm just having fun messing around with this. Since the yarn is completely submerged, there's much more color blending. I've been kind of on a shaded solids kick.

I dream of Greenie

I, um, have a little problem with saturation. As in, I have too much of it. Give me a jar of dye and I go buck wild, I guess. I finally managed a little restraint last time and got something with pale to medium greens, which I like very much and seems to be impossible to photograph well (even with image enhancement, it looks like poo).

As usual, my little obsession with red. I can't get a good pic of this either; it's dark reds shading to browns and I like it very much.

I just enjoy color. All kinds and flavors. I like admiring all the other hand-dyed sock yarns out there and how beautiful they are. I like the almost-always pleasant surprise of the skein's final coloration once it's out of the dye pot and dried. With some of these dark ones, I think, oh no, I've dyed a mass of solid black, but it's surprising the subtle range in colors I get at the end.

At the bottom of the deep blue sea

However, I need to deal with this growing pile of sock yarn. Cannot. Knit. Fast. Enough.

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