Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So it's that kind of day where everything is falling apart and there are no triumphs, only disasters. Hiding under my desk and crying seems like a good idea and NO I DO NOT WANT TO COPE with any of my coworkers or the bloated pile of fecal matter a.k.a the software tools I need to perform my job. Innocent and guilty alike are getting big FUCK OFF AND DIE thoughts but, please don't take it personally.

In any case. I'm going to see the Yarn Harlot talk tonight at Powell's Cooks & Gardeners (oops, that's "Powell's Books for Home and Garden" now) and hopefully some beforehand comfort knitting will make me less likely to want to kill people. I missed last year because, well, I wasn't yet reading blogs and I'd just started knitting a few months before. I'm looking forward to seeing her as a real person instead of pictures and words. Can't quite fathom it, it feels like meeting a person from a tv show (not the actor, the actual character) in real life.



La said...

Break your computer and go home early! Ok, so I'm not helping. Sorry.

At lest you've got something cool and knitterly to look forward to tonight, and you've got your FOAD Thursday blog post all right there in the palm of your hand.

Carole said...

Meeting Stephanie will be just the thing to turn your day around! Have fun!