Monday, September 18, 2006

Moon made of honey

I did go see the Yarn Harlot and it was definitely worth going despite having to stand for 3 hour -- she's hysterically funny. Go if you have the chance.

Finally posting the Honeymoon pics! Lots! of! pictures! Click for big.

This is the view from our hotel, the Tu Tu'Tun Lodge (rhymes with "you're darn tootin!") in southern Oregon. That's the Rogue River in the background.

The Oregon Jam Council wants to know -- are you in possession of jam?

Had to get in some knitting by the river (do I really hunch over that much?). Actually, first day there: didn't do much except sit around the hotel and veg. Both of us were just too tired of Doing Stuff. This lodge: very nice, very friendly, good food. But be warned: if you're not white, moneyed, and retired you're not the core demographic at this place. We ate WAY too much food - neither of us are used to more than 1 course dinners and breakfasts, and never dessert.

We did go hiking later on. We did a short 1-mile loop through an old growth forest.

And later headed for the coast. This is the view of the Oregon coast from the top of Cape Sebastian - north.

The hike was 2 miles down to a sheltered cove then 2 miles back up again to the top of the cape.

Yes, there are actually sandy beaches. Here's the cove.

Most of the pacific coast is precipitous cliffs and small sandy beaches. Rugged, check. Dramatic, check. Hospitable to usual beach activities, no.

Islands and ocean. Lots of seabirds roost on these rocks and sections of immediate offshore coastline are wildlife preserves.

Did I mention cold and windy? I grew up in the west, so the Pacific's the only ocean I've known. A friend of mine in college was from New Jersey and we took a beach trip one Saturday. He ran right in the water... and ran right out again, affronted that the water was COLD. We mocked his ignorance mercilessly and he refused to get his feet wet again.

That water just taken an extended vacation around northern Siberia, the Arctic, and Alaska, and is just now moving south again. Playing in the ocean consists of waiting until your feet get numb so you can't feel the cold any more. I visited the east coast for the first time when I was 11? 12? and my brothers and I were completely shocked to find that the water was warm. Lukewarm-bath warm! In Massachusetts!

I'll reiterate the windy part. Too windy that particular day to fly the kites we'd brought.


Carole said...

Beautiful pictures, sounds like a wonderful time. And there's nothing wrong with hanging out and vegging.

La said...

what a great honeymoon! And Oregon has a coast...who'da thunk it? ;-)