Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yes, still obsessed with the Silk Garden beanie. I'm not one for project fidelity, if you haven't already guessed that.

How do I put this politely? It's my own hobby and I'll damn well do what I enjoy. The quilters pull this guilt-to-finish thing on themselves all the time. Why should I make myself feel bad about something that's supposed to give me pleasure? I suppose that makes me a process not a product knitter (or quilter).

Anyway. I have not given up on Lily or the K sweater or the in-preparation-for-the-K-Sweater-sweater. I just wanted to see what the Silk Garden would look like knitted up. And it is oh so seductive. I'm a sucker for this yarn already and this colorway - 82 (on closeout at WEBS because it's a discontinued colorway) - is beautiful. Subtle, greyed shades that flow slowly into each other. It reminds me of beachcombing for agates and jasper on the coast, and the look of the stones when they're wet and gleaming on the beach.

I've saved this knitting so that I only do it during the day, in natural light, because otherwise I miss the true colors and gradations that I am fascinated with.

Of course, I suspect that I'd enjoy knitting with any friggin' Silk Garden colorway. Yes, I know about the high amount of vegetable matter. I pick out burrs and twigs and I do not care. I know it's thick/thin and sometimes overspun and sometimes under. Some Silk Garden was so underspun that a good tug pulled it apart. I still don't care.

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Carole said...

The point, I believe, is to enjoy what you're doing. Sounds like the Silk Garden is helping you do JUST that. Great!