Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Screw Rhinebeck, I'm going to Oregon Flock & Fiber!

I don't spin, but I can still feel the fiber festival love. You all seem like you have such a good time, hanging out with people who actually know what a cast-on is. Around this time of year all I ever seem to read on the blogs is Rhinebeck blah blah blah meetup blah blah Rhinebeck blah fleece blah blah Rhinebeck. Darlins, it's too far to fly to New York for sheepy goodness. I need some West Coast happenings.

I know, there was Estes Park, but that's also an expensive plane ticket away, it was back in June, and, um, none of them knew me from a shawl-stealing axe murderer?

Hey, so I am going to Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in the grand metropolis of Canby, Oregon, THIS WEEKEND! WOOOO!

In honor of my west coast homies, I present:

The OFFF drinking game
Fun for the whole over-21 family!


Take a drink when you see:

  • The Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth! sock yarn

  • Another if you escape with only enough yarn for one pair of socks

  • The Llama Barn! LLAMA! LLAMA! (duck) Llama

  • Pygora goats. (you must NOT expire from the cuteness) Pygora goat

  • Raining? Better get a coffee (-1, too tipsy = slippery)

  • Raining hard? Better make it a double. Espresso. (-2, really too tipsy = stuck in the mud/eaten by slugs)

  • Fleece to shawl competition! Drink an extra shot for those hard workers.

  • A Huacaya alpaca. +1 more if you know/have learnt the difference between them and the Suris. alpaca

  • Yarn that you cannot live without

  • Roving that you cannot live without.

  • Family members/friends dragging you away from all that you can't live without (-1, more caffeine needed for fiber-lifting strength)

  • Myrna Stahman (teaching multiple classes!) Stahman's Scarves and Shawls book

  • Carolina Homespun of San Fran-cisco! Rachael recommends their alpaca as being LUSH.

  • A vendor or exhibitor from Boring, OR. Most honest rural town name ever.

  • A Woolee Winder at work (why does that name always sound vagulely naughty to me?) woolee winder

Winning conditions: Whomever is still staggering around with their yarn/fleece/take-home-sheep after all that deserves another drink! Or, go back to to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and make your buddies buy you some MORE! SOCK! YARN!

Wooo! See you Saturday!

1 comment:

Carole said...

Dude, I wish you had come hung out with us at Estes. I wouldn't care if you were a stalker. But you'd better not try and steal one of my shawls.
Love the drinking game. Have fun at the festival.