Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ain't no thing

Aww, I'm not any green thumb. The gardenia came pre-potted from a garage sale and I just put it up in the window. I water it when it looks dry. I just got lucky that it likes the light and conditions. I repotted it last summer since its roots were growing out the bottom.

I'm too wordy today, you know when you get all blab blab blabby and can't shut up? Those are my fingers, today. And I'm not even caffeinated up. Sorry.

Last night I fell asleep trying to figure out the raglan and where it went wrong. What makes my head explode is that it's way too big when I try it against a favorite sweater, yet I measured the favorite sweater to get the raglan's dimensions, and when I measure the raglan, it matches pretty close. For example: the back is measuring 18.5" wide right now, at about 8" down the raglan. The favorite sweater back measurement is 22.5". By my calculations, it'll be about 22" wide when I reach the point at which the sleeves are divided off. RIGHT ON TARGET.

Yet when I put it against the favorite sweater: TOO BIG. Same as when it's tried on by K. I must've measured favorite sweater wrong, I guess.

I'm going to rip it back again and do the raglan increases once every 3 rows instead of every other row. Working out the math, that should take 20" off the width by the time the sleeves are divided off. Maybe too much. I wonder if I could do a 1/3 scheme then switch to 1/2 or would it look too weird. Hmmm.

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