Saturday, January 27, 2007


My potted gardenia is blooming.

It's not, shall we say, the most perfectly formed of flowers, but the fragrance fills the whole room and about knocks you down when you come in the door. All from one small flower.

A gardenia isn't exactly the best choice of houseplants, I know, especially here in the Northish where there isn't a whole lot of sunlight during the winter. I bought it from an apartment sale for $5. I give it a siesta in partial sunlight on the front steps during the summer. It gets by, but it grows pretty spindly over the winter and it would really prefer more humidity in the summer.

I still love it, for these intensely fragrant creamy white blooms that show up in the middle of winter. They open all at once, going from a tightly wrapped bud to an explosion of petals in just a few hours. Despite how you look, sometimes, you just gotta bloom.


kmkat said...

The sheer fact that you are able to keep a gardenia plant alive says a lot about your green thumb.

Carole Knits said...

Gardenias are among my favorite flowers

La said...

I'm envious of your luck with Gardenas. All I do is kill them, so I'm not allowed to buy them anymore.

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