Friday, January 19, 2007

Daydreaming about Yarn

Did you *see* the gorgeous stuff that Rabbitch has dyed up? Mmmm, yum. Rabbitch, you enabling yarn ho, I'm on a diet. Feh.

I am dreaming of the Yarn today. (Do you think Plato's Perfect Form Yarn came as a single Yarn, or were there different forms for each fiber and fiber mixture?)

All that lovely squishiness: the True Blue wool, the soft and flirty cashmere, the cloud of alpaca, the exquisite stinky silk. I cannot get the hand-dyed alpaca laceweight out of my head. Or the pale green silk I lusted after for MONTHS before snatching it up when a local yarn store sold off their entire Blue Moon Fiber Arts supply at 40% off (oh yes. The stars aligned, or something).

Today the hard plastic keyboard at work is paining me. (But only metaphorically; it's my stupid lower back that's paining me literally, but that pissant better go away soon or I'm gonna get REALLY ANGRY). Why'd I join this stupid stash-along anyway? Oh yeah, because I've already got too much fiber. Maybe I should redecorate my office with yarn. Then I can stare at and fondle it all the time. And really give my coworkers something to talk about. Woo!

I've also been thinking about participating in the UFO Resurrection. Because lately, there's been a pile of those developing, too. But I'd apply it to both knits and quilts and sewing, since there's certainly enough outstanding projects from all those to keep me busy. I don't think I've got 12 knit UFOs.

Knit stuff I can think of offhand:

  1. Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn in grey Rowan 4-ply Soft.
    Status: On the needles and active -- commuter project. Working on the 2nd sock. I get about a repeat done per day, and so it'll take me ~25 business days to finish them, assuming I don't get stuck on the train or in a line.

  2. K's raglan, in charcoal DK wool. The Amazing custom-fit raglan that... doesn't fit. This'll probably end up blog fodder. Stay tuned.
    Status: Time to rip back. Again.

  3. NYC niece's raglan, in variegated thick cotton. I got to the armholes and ugh. After joining a sleeve the stitches on the body connecting the sleeves were extremely loose and ugly.
    Status: Figure out some way of keeping the body stitches tight. Already ripped back. Gotta finish this before she gets any bigger.

  4. K's slip-stitch sweater. Still working on the test version.
    Status: Stymied last Fall when trying to adapt the slip-stitch pattern to include the increases on the sleeve. This should *not* be so hard. Need to revisit this again.

  5. Denmark socks, take 1. I did these in Rowan wool/cotton and although I love the fabric and the stitch definition I was getting, these are far too narrow for adult feet.
    Status: Time to pick up those sad pieces of broken heart and rip rip rip. Maybe add another couple motifs to the pattern? (Note to self: measure the width of a cable before ripping so I know how much many stitches to increase.)

See, not so many. I haven't been knitting all that long. There's MANY more projects floating around my head, wanting attention. And much, much yarn clamoring to be knit up.

I better get back to work. Sigh.


Krista M said...

Remain strong. I just got the new knitpicks catalog and just about died when I saw the fair isle tam kits. LOVE THEM! This is beginning to sound like a weight watchers meeting. "When I really crave chocolate cake I eat an apple and that gets rid of my craving!" Yeah, right. I still want chocolate cake, but we're in this together. UFO's ahoy!

zoe said...

how is the 100 mile thingy going? are you REALLY going to only knit from stash/ufo this year?????