Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mental Meh

It has been a loose ends kind of week.

The Daylight Savings Time switch, better known as Jet Lag for the Entire Nation, did me in. I still haven't caught up. Every day I have to rip myself out of bed and I'm just not feeling like negotiating with the universe today. I'd rather have stayed in bed.

Every day's work feels like more and more pedantry. I'm proud of my efforts and I like to do a job well, but lately it's hard to make myself care. Yo ho ho and a bottle of ruination.


Faina's main body is DONE. Woop woop! I cast off Tuesday night. Now she just needs a block and some fringe. Block and Fringe! It always sounds like "lock and load" in my head. I think block first, then fringe, but I have never done The Fringe before. I might have to re-do the cast-off first, it looks a little too tight.

Now I'm casting about trying to figure out what's next. What with my lack of concentration and just general flightiness lately, I really want something IN PROGRESS RIGHT NOW. Something I do not have to think about. Lace is fine, lace can be Follow-The-Charts,-You-Automaton which is great because I still feel as if I'm accomplishing something even though I'm plopped on the couch, vegetating. Geez, I haven't even felt like starting the new video game K bought lately.

There are several things I *want* to do, and several UFOs, but I just don't feel enough energy to care. And I need a new commuter knit, dammit. K's raglan needs some love, and there's a partially finished baby sweater that looks at me sadly from the knitting basket. I've thumbed through sock recipes and everything is looking distinctly meh (it's just me, they looked a lot better pre-loose-end-period).

BAH. Need more braincells! Send neurons fast!


pacalaga said...

Nah, I think you just need to go shopping for some yarn. What's the yarn you've always wanted to try, but haven't indulged yourself in yet? (For me it's seasilk...)

visionsister said...

The jet-lag kicked my butt too! I went to bed stupid early last night and got some solid sleep. It seems to have helped my attitude quite a bit. I think the government should schedule in nap time for everyone along with the time change!

Zardra said...

It usually takes me at least 2 weeks to recover from the time change, and I could never figure out why (jet lag from an hour difference is usually recovered from in a day or 2). But, my chiropractor said something the other day that makes sense. Your body is used to the sun coming up a a certain time (about 6:30 am) and say you wake up at 7 am. Then, the time change happens, and the sun's now not coming up until 7:30 am, but you're still required to get up at 7 am. Because the days are lengthening, it'll take a couple of weeks for the sun rise to move closer back to the time your body thinks the sun should be up.

I hate DST... one of the stupidest ideas in human history. *bah*