Thursday, March 01, 2007


I'm flattered by all of your attention in my Random Things I Like list; it was fun to compile. Run with it, I love reading all your lists! I get these great mental pictures reading them, like Pacalaga sitting on the deck and scratching her dogs' ears and laughing with her kid.

And nah, I'm not terminally depressed, it was just a bit of a cold grey day and I'm doing something at work that isn't exactly attention-grabbing and I was (ahem) daydreaming a bit since Spring's been a kind of fickle mistress this year and keeps tease, tease, teasing. Hey, I stayed late afterwards. Also, I can't seem to stop writing as if I were a nature-obsessed prose poet. Shoot me now.

Kristen made an impassioned plea to escape the tyranny of blogger comments and use haloscan, but I've just been too damn lazy to figure out why I don't have the necessary options on my interface. Or even to switch hosting. Um, yeah. Maybe this weekend?

She also pointed out this awesome little utility which will generate email-me pictures so as to foil spammers. How cool is that? However, I'm going to keep my pleasantly techno-crude current image for now, mainly because it made her laugh :)

Carol, if you're ever up in Oregon, or I ever happen to be in Florida, we're on for a Twilight Zone marathon. Yes, we've got stars at night here (when it's not cloudy. Which is a lot of the winter), though not a whole lot. It's still in the city-ish, but it's not that big of a city.

Thanks all for the comments on Faina, I appreciate the love.

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