Friday, March 16, 2007

Woop woop!


I cast on for some socks last night, my own pattern, and worked more than an inch and was just about to start the pattern when a big yarn mump appeared before me. One of those big unspun bits that you can NEVER disguise. I'll have to cut the yarn and start over.

However, I DON'T CARE, because it's FRIDAY! HOORAY!

And it was actually a productive day for me, AND the weather is GORGEOUS today (hello, sunny and 65 degrees), AND I will be walking to a microbrewery for dinner tonight, oh yes, I will NOT BE DENIED. The air is perfumed with the scent of jasmine and sweet box and weigela and the birds are... well, the birds are asleep, but the possoms and raccoons are trundling about.

Even wild blackberries look beautiful when they're popping out new leaves.

Aw, the hell with it, I'm in a good mood. Let's post another flower pic. Call it dye inspiration:


Terri said...

Dye me some yarn the color of crocus' - oh yeah!

Carole Knits said...

How pretty! We've got snow and slush. Ugh.

Carol said...

Never approached a Friday I didn't like!

Rabbitch said...

Ooh, those flowers are beautiful. Um, and I apologize for calling you a freak on my blog. I was pretty sure you'd be amused rather than insulted *g*

My verification word is fknqate. That sounds like a cussword.

Carol said...

Purty croci, Alice.