Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I've been taking a photo a day (or more, or sometimes forgetting) this year. Some random meme I ran across. Mostly it's just an excuse for me to take as many pictures of anything that I feel like. It's also a way to recapture a little bit of the time that seems to be slipping by so quickly. Bah. Too much wine, too much philosophizing.

New apple blossoms

Flowering plum

Glorious unapologetically orange ranunculus

Leo needs a new pair of shoes

New rose leaves in the morning after a rainy night

Not quite so menacing


Kristen said...

Great pictures! What's really funny is this: in the last picture, replace yourself with me, replace your cat with mine (Mister), replace the table with a computer desk, and under your right hand, put a trackball mouse. That's how I was sitting when I read your blog entry today. :)

Mister is pretty hip to technology - at least to the point where my bouncing, typing arms don't interrupt his all-important naptime/laptime.

Kate Christ said...

Ooh, I have a vase full of orange ranunculus in the hallway. You're right, they are unapolagetetically orange! So springy!