Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wax Philosophical

I could, but no. I'm feeling all babble-ey. Babble babble babble. After almost a week of feeling not full of words at all. Now, lots of words, just not useful ones.

The moon is waxing. Good enough?

First I am sad because I can't make it to the ASK hookup in L.A. this weekend. I had this crazy insane scheme of flying down there and crashing the party with some Kahlua fudge. I was looking forward to actually meeting some of these cool people in person, despite that I am terrified they would think I was boring and annoying and a killjoy. The Scheme was not so crazy, really, because sometimes Alaska or Southwest offers these last minute el-cheapo plane fares, but there was no joy in Mudville for this weekend. So. lame.

Second I had hot pot for lunch (shabu shabu - uh, like the scene in Lost in Translation where they are at the restaurant and she says "you have to cook your own food? This is the worst restaurant ever". It's really pretty good ("really" "pretty"-- arggh, SUCH descriptive adjectives), like a cross between a buffet salad bar and fondue (broth, not cheese).) But I go there with these coworkers and they are very snarky and bitter and really I can't take so much cynicism right now so I can only handle lunch with them once a month or so. This also makes me sad because I miss eating lunch with people, but people don't seem to do it here (except snark group).

Third, Faina is blocked and I wove in the ends. The alpaca was more slippery for end-weaving than I was expecting. I didn't use Russian joins because they look like ass when I do them for most yarn. The blocking really evened up the stockinette but did nothing for my somewhat wonky decreases. I'm over it.

Third.5: I am afraid of The Fringe, which I have never done before. I am afraid I will be VERY ANAL about the length of The Fringe and position of the knots.

Fourth, I'm inexplicably reluctant to just forge on ahead with the whole blog hosting thing. What am I scared of?

Fifth, Spring proceeds apace. My peas are up. HOORAH! Still waiting to see if the Echinacea seeds are a complete bust.

Sixth, Wen sent me yarn and other cool stuff! Fabulous red Lacey Lamb that I have been lusting after for ages and ages. She also sent a plethora of fabulous things (the candy is already gone gone gone). I was floored when I got the box. I gotta post pictures. Thank you!

Seventh, Zoe sent me yarn too! Floored #2! It's wonderful, wonderful Socks that Rock, a whole other skein to finish off the Pomatomous socks (and another pair after that, there'll be plenty left over), and TWO (2!) other skeins in a gorgeous pinky-peachy-brown. Thank you!

Eighth, I have news. I sold a pattern I designed! I'm still reeling. I'm working on the sample now.

Ninth, messing about with the camera. This one was the best of the bunch. I think I look kind of worried.


=Tamar said...

More suspicious than worried, I think. That's too bad about the snark group. Their loss, anyway. I'm sure you'd have been welcome at the hookup. I've found that most knitters are friendly, even when chocolate isn't involved.

Anyone who comments on decreases in someone else's garment is looking for trouble and should be ignored.

Kristen said...

Sort of distrustful, yeah.

Isn't Wen the best Yarn Fairy ever? I mean, seriously. EVER. Second only to my own paycheck (R.I.P.), and the paycheck wasn't nearly as generous with the quality. There were many times my paycheck would only shell out for Red Heart and kitchen cotton.

Congratulations on selling a pattern! That's the height of coolness right now. I keep waiting for inspiration to strike me so I can design something, too. I've never ever designed anything on my own, though. Well, the toe socks, but I already posted pictures of them all over the place so that precludes submission for publication.

Carole Knits said...

Congratulations on #8. And let me just say, Lunch is the highlight of the work day for me. I'd be totally bummed if my coworkers made it an unpleasant affair.

pacalaga said...

Yup, that picture could be a frame from the latest Bourne movie. :-)
Congrats on finishing Faina, yay new yarn, HOORAY SOLD PATTERN! (I play a little fast and loose with the grammar rules here.)
Here's the thing that keeps me on a free blog service: if I PAY for it, it means I expect to keep it up and hope for comments and all that. If it's free, I can still pretend it's just a lark and I'll quit whenever I want, even though I've been doing it for more than a year... (Besides, I could buy an extra skein of STR with what I'd pay - gotta think hard about what I spend my yarn money on...)

zoe said...

I wish you were coming down here, but now - you have got to least now I will recognize you when I pick you up at the airport!!!!!!

glad you liked the yarn!!!!!

Zardra said...

That's awesome about the pattern. :)

I haven't gotten my act together on switching my blog over either. I'm not sure what's holding me up. Probably cause I think it's going to be lots of work and I feel like I have no free time to deal with it. Maybe I just need to take it in steps, then make it live when it's finally done. I don't need to tell anyone about it until then, right?

zoe said...

Okay, Forgot to say CONGRATS about the pattern...that makes you way too cool...